Scientific Books & Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications


25) “Assessment of environmental spectral ellipsometry for characterising fluid-induced colour changes in natural photonic structures”,

by S. R. Mouchet, E. Van Hooijdonk, V. L. Welch, P. Louette, T. Tabarrant, P. Vukusic, S. Lucas, J.-F. Colomer, B.-L. Su and O. Deparis,

in Materials Today, Proceedings, Vol. 4, pages 4987-4997, (2017).


24) "Liquid Induced colour-change in a beetle: the concept of a photonic cell",

by Sebastien R. Mouchet, Eloise Van Hooijdonk, Victoria L. Welch, Pierre Louette, Jean-François Colomer, Bao-Lian Su and Olivier Deparis,

in Scientific Reports, 6:19322,

DOI: 10.1038/srep19322 ,

10 pages (Jan 2016)


[23] - ["ARC BIOSTRUCT -Scientific Report 5- Final Report", Official Final Scientific Report to the Walloon Region Government, Belgium on Concerted Action Project Convention n°10/15-033,

by O. Deparis, I. Derycke, S. Berthier, V. Welch, J.-F. Colomer, B. Kolaric, L. Dellieu, P. Defrance, A. Cornet, D. Dedouaire, P. Antoine, A. Deraoui T. Mabiala, L. Francis , J.-P. Rasquin , O. Poncelet and N. André,

(Ed: V. Welch and O. Deparis),

Dec 2015, 24 pages,]

[22] - ["ARC BIOSTRUCT -Scientific Report 4- Interim Report- 1st Jan to 31st Dec 2014",

Official Interim Scientific Report 4 to the Walloon Region Government, Belgium,

Concerted Action Project Convention n°10/15-033,

by O. Deparis, J.-P. Vigneron, I. Derycke, S. Berthier P. Simonis V. Welch, J.-F. Colomer, M. Sarrazin, E. Van Hooijdonk, S. Mouchet ,L. Delleiu, P. Defrance A. Cornet, D. Dedouaire, P. Antoine, A. Deraoui,

T. Mabiala, L. Francis ,X. Tang, J.-P. Raskin, O. Poncelet and N. André,

(Ed: V Welch, I. Derycke & O. Deparis),

Mar 2015, 24 pages,]


21) "Cylindrical Bragg mirrors on leg segments of the male Bolivian blueleg tarantula Pamphobeteus antinous (Theraphosidae)",

Priscilla Simonis, Annick Bay, Victoria L Welch, Jean-François Colomer & Jean-Pol Vigneron,

Optics Express Vol 21, Issue 6, pp. 6979-6996 (2013).


20) "Fluorescence in Insects",

by V. Welch, E.Van Hooijdonk, N. Intrater and J.-P. Vigneron,

in Proceedings SPIE, 8480, 848004 (2012).


19) "Iridescent bees, wasps, ants and sawflies:

structural colouration in the hymenoptera",

by V. L. Welch and J.-P. Vigneron,

Pub: Dzo Publications, Truro, 21st July 2010.

ISBN: 978-0-9565785-1-8 (Hardback). [for preview please click here]

18) "Investigations and mimicry of the optical properties of butterfly wings",

by Christopher J. Summers, Davy P. Gaillot, Matija Crne, John Blair, Jung O. Park, Mohan Srinivasarao, Olivier Deparis, Victoria Welch and Jean-Pol Vigneron,

in Journal of Nonlinear Optical Physics & Materials, Vol. 19, No. 3 (2010) 489–501


17) "Dielectric multilayer films fabricated by Magnetron Sputtering: How far can the iridescence be tuned?",

Deparis, O., Rassart, M., Vandenbem, C., Welch, V., Vigneron, J.-P., Dreesen, L. and Lucas, S.,

Plasma Processes and Polymers, Vol. 6, S746-S750, (2009).

16) "Morpho-like optical phenomenon in the neotropical lycaenid butterfly Mercedes atnius",

Balint, Z., Berthier, S., Boulenguez, J and Welch, V. L.,

Atalanta, 40 (1/2), 263-272, (2009).


15) "Nanomorphology of the blue iridescent wings of a giant tropical wasp, Megascolia procer javanensis (Hymenoptera)",

Sarrazin, M., Vigneron, J.-P., Welch, V. and Rassart, M.,

Physical Review E, 78, 051902 (2008)

14) "Composite organic/inorganic Butterfly scales: a new technique for producing photonic structures",

Gaillot, D. P., Deparis, O., Wagner, B. K, Vigneron J.-P., Summers, C. J. and Welch, V.,

Physical Review E, 78, 031922, (2008),

13) "Structurally tuned iridescent surfaces inspired by Nature ",

Deparis, O., Rassart, M., Vandenbem, C., Welch,V., Vigneron,J.-P., Lucas, S.,

New Journal of Physics 10, 013032, (2008)


12) "Beyond Butterflies- the Diversity of Biological photonic crystals",

by Welch, V. L. & Vigneron, J-P.,

in Optical and Quantum Electronics, Vol. 39, 295-303, (2007),

11) "Switchable reflector in the Panamanian tortoise beetle Charidotella egregia" (Chrysomelidae : Cassidinae)",
by Vigneron, J.- P., Pasteels, J. M., Windsor, D.M., Vertesy, Z. Rassart,M., Seldrum, T., Dumont, J., Deparis, O.,

Lousse, V., Biro, L. P., Ertz, D.and Welch, V.

in Physical Review E, 76 (3), pages 031907- 031917, (2007),

10) "Iridescent Coleoptera as templates for fabrication of versatile SiO2/TiO2 multilayer mirrors and filters",

by O. Deparis, C Vandenbem, V. Welch, M. Rassart, V. Lousse, J.-P. Vigneron, V. de Vriendt and S. Lucas.,

in Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics Europe, Technical Digest, 2007,

9) "Orange reflection from a three-dimensional photonic crystal in the scales of the weevil Pachyrrhynchus congestus pavonius (Curculionidae)",

by Welch, V., Lousse, V., Deparis, O., Parker, A. and Vigneron, J.-P.,

in Physical Review E, 75 (4), pages 041919- 041928, (2007),


8) "Colour-selecting reflectors inspired by biological periodic multilayer structures ",

by Deparis, O., Vandenbem, C., Rassart, M., Welch, V. L. and Vigneron, J.-P. ,

in Optics Express, Vol.14 (8), pages 3547-3555, (2006),

7) "Optical properties of the iridescent organ of the comb-jellyfish, Beroe cucumis (Ctenophora)",

by V. Welch, J.-P. Vigneron, V. Lousse & A. Parker,

in Physical Review E, 73 (04), pages 041916- 041923, (2006)


6) "The cause of colouration in the ctenophore Beroe cucumis",

by V. L. Welch, J.-P. Vigneron & A. R. Parker,

in Current Biology, 15 (24), R985- R986, (2005) ,

6A) Supplementary data for 6 is [HERE]

5) "Photonic crystals in Biology",

by V. L. Welch,

Chapter 2 in "Structural Colors in Biological Systems- Principles and Applications",

Ed- S. Kinoshita & S. Yoshioda,

Pub: Osaka Univ. Press, Osaka, 2005.

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[4) "Structural Colouration in Jellyfish, Fish and Ctenophores",

by V. L. Welch, (supervisor A. R. Parker), 2003,

Doctoral Thesis (Zoology), Oxford University, UK]

3) "Opal analogue discovered in a weevil",

by A. R. Parker, V. L. Welch, D. Driver & N. Martini,

in Nature, Vol. 426, 786-787, (2003),


2) "Short range clinal variation in the prevalence of a sexually transmitted fungus associated with urbanisation",

by V. L. Welch, J. J. Sloggett, K. M. Webberley & G. D. D. Hurst,

in Ecological Entomology, Vol. 26, (5), pages 547-550, (2001),

1) "Can attention select only a fixed number of objects at a time?",

by G. Davis, V. L. Welch, A. Holmes and A. Shepherd.

in Perception, Vol. 30 (10), pages 1227-1248, (2001).