to the personal and professional website of Victoria L. Welch.

I am an Editor, Biologist and Popular-Science Writer. Having juggled a Research Science Career with Popular Science Writing and other writing for over a decade, I am now effectively a Full-time Writer, Public-Speaker and Editor. Most of my time, energies and brain-power are currently taken up with The Greatest Minds.co.uk.

That said, I do have some other writing activities ongoing. For anyone interested, my blog [HERE] is the best place to keep track of these.

In Practical Terms,

...much of my time is spent writing, editing, promoting and doing business-management of The Greatest Minds Ltd.

The Greatest Minds is due to release 2 books later this year (2019). The first of these is a 128-page 8.5inch by 11.5inch Popular Science-meets-Steampunk "extravanganza" called “Marie Curie and The Hyraxes”. The second is a shorter book of the artwork from the site (the featured stuff and the unused and bonus material, plus related artworks created for related products and commissioned privately...and the story behind all of that.)

Other Activities:

I am additionally personally completing two non-fiction books- neither has a firm release date, but 2019/2020 seems likely for the first.

I can be found on Pinterest here-


For Media enquiries/ After-Dinner-Speaking and other in-person-talk bookings, feel free to contact - editorthegreatestminds@gmail.com