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Thank you for visiting my website


    I am a Research Biologist specialising in Animal Colouration. I began my career at the Universities of London and Oxford, England, before moving to the University of Namur in Belgium.  


    The bulk of my published scientific work concerns Animal Colouration, especially Structural Colouration; however, more recently, I have been conducting research on Insect Fluorescence.

Most of my research publications can be downloaded as pdfs from the "publications" page of this website.


    In 2012, I was appointed a Lecturer in Science Communication  at the University of Namur ("Maitre des Conferences") and, today, much of my time is devoted to writing and presenting science, rather than pure research.


    Science communication work since the year 2000 has included a mixture of magazine and online articles, as well as public talks, exhibitions and books in various stages of the publication process. Many of these have been completed under a penname.


- V. L. Welch