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          Dr Victoria L Welch is a Research Biologist and Science Writer. After a varied international academic career, she moved into science communication, where she has been involved in a mixture of print and digital magazine work, editing, public talks and technical ghostwriting. In October 2017 Dr Welch became editor of . This website deals primarily with her scientific work, in an imperfect attempt to collate it in one location.  


Scientific Background: 


 Victoria began her career at the Universities of London and Oxford, England with short periods of research conducted elsewhere. She then gained an 1851 Fellowship for her post-doctoral work from The Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851. Most of Victoria's  scientific work concerns animal coloration, schemochromes, photonic crystals, fluorescence etc.


  In 2008, Dr Welch  moved to the University of Namur, in Belgium, where she was hired as  Research Biologist and, ultimately, as a Lecturer in Science Communication  ("Maitre des Conferences") by the late Prof. J.-P. Vigneron.


Subsequent activities included technical writing and editing, scientific ghost writing, producing reports for government funding bodies and popular science. This encompassed various projects concerned with evaluating the implications and implementation of scientific research, as well as more straight-forward science reportage, articles and commentary. Much of this work was done under the penname V. Neblik.


               The bulk of Victoria's published scientific research, therefore, concerns Animal Colouration, especially Structural Colouration; with some later work on Insect Fluorescence. Most of her research publications can be downloaded as pdfs from the "publications" page of this website.Her more general writing and popular science work can be found on victorianeblikcom.